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Whether caused by vehicular damage, sporting equipment, or playful children, a dented garage door can happen to anyone! And while a dented garage door can annoy even the most relaxed homeowner, our team of experts at Affordable Garage Door Fix has some tips on how to fix a dented garage door on your own. Let’s learn more about garage door dent removal with the below tools and techniques. 

Repairing Dents In Aluminum Garage Doors

Minor dents (no larger than the size of your hand) in aluminum garage doors are actually often easy to fix with a little heat from a blow dryer and a can of condensed air. Before beginning, clean the dented section of the garage door with a little soap and water to remove any debris. Next, cover the dent in aluminum foil and apply steady heat to the area with a blow dryer or hand-held heater. After about a minute of this, remove the heat source and aluminum, then apply an even burst of compressed air to the dent. The temperature change between the hot and cool air will “pop” the dent out, and the aluminum will return to its original shape. Keep reading to learn how to fix garage door dents in steel doors.

Learn how to repair garage door damage quickly and effectively with this garage door dent removal guide from Affordable Garage Door Fix.

Repairing Dents In Steel Garage Doors 

Steel garage doors present their own unique challenge when it comes to repairs. Unlike aluminum doors, steel doors tend to be much thicker than their aluminum counterparts and they require a specialized material, steel door or auto body compound, and a paint job afterward to even things out. To begin, scrub the area thoroughly with soap and water. 

After the area is clean and dry, sand the area to apply some grip and use a putty knife to evenly spread the auto body compound over the dent. Allow the layer of putty to dry for about 15 minutes before sanding the area down to even out the surface so it is flush with the rest of the garage door. As soon as everything looks good, prime and paint over top of it so that it blends in with the surrounding area—It will be like nothing ever happened! 

Call Affordable Garage Door Fix for Large Garage Door Dent Removal in Salt Lake City

If your garage door dent is too big to handle on your own, Affordable Garage Door Fix can help. Our experienced technicians can repair dents of any size on garage doors in the Salt Lake City area. Plus, with our friendly customer service and commitment to quality work, homeowners can rest assured that any garage door dent problem will be handled as quickly as possible. Contact Affordable Garage Door Fix for professional garage door dent repair in Salt Lake City!