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A squeaky garage door is an incredibly annoying problem for any homeowner!  Fortunately, a squeaky garage door doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to call in the experts for a fix right away—in fact, most squeaky garage doors can be remedied with a few items found in any homeowner’s tool kit. Here’s how to identify the source of your garage door squeak and make it go away.

Step One: Prep The Door

Start by shutting the squeaky garage door, locking it in place, and then removing it from its power source. Don’t skip this step, it’s a necessary safety precaution!  

Step Two: Clean the Upper and Lower Garage Door Tracks (Optional)

The next step to fixing a squeaky garage door is cleaning the upper and lower garage door tracks. If there is dirt or debris in the track, it can cause friction (and an annoying sound) when the garage door is in operation. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose gravel and dirt from your garage door track. 

After vacuuming adequately, fill a bucket with soap, water, and a little degreaser, and use the mixture with a rag to wipe down the track itself, focusing on spots of caked-on grime. This step is optional, but is never a bad idea to complete. 

Step Three: Lubricate Moving Parts

Next, lubricate your garage door using a silicone-based lubricant. Make sure to lubricate all moving parts of the garage door including all of the hinges, bearings, springs, chains, and any other metal components that may be causing friction and squeaky noises when moving against each other. If you have metal wheels, lubricating the upper and lower track can also help to prevent future squeaking. 

Step Four: Grease Garage Door Nuts and Bolts

Once all of the moving parts have been lubricated, take a look at the nuts and bolts which hold the garage door together. If any of these are starting to rust or corrode, simply apply a dime-sized amount of silicon-based lubricant directly onto each nut and bolt head to help reduce friction.  

Step Five: Power Up and Test

Finally, reattach the garage door to the main power source and test things out by running it through an open and close cycle. Listen carefully for any squeaking!  

Need A Professional Opinion To Fix Your Squeaky Garage Door?

If your garage door squeak persists after following the steps in the tutorial above, it might be time to fully replace your garage door wheels (rollers) and bearings. That’s where Affordable Garage Door Fix comes in!  Our team of experienced professionals can inspect the source of the problem and provide the best solution for a fix that will leave your garage door silent! Our advanced wheel and bearing replacement techniques ensure that we can find any underlying issues, so you won’t ever have to worry about noisy doors again. Contact us today and let one of our technicians take care of your garage door needs!