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The cost of having a professional replace garage door springs is either $200 or $270, depending on whether you need one spring or two. As a leading provider of quality garage door repair near Murray, UT, Affordable Garage Door Repair understands the importance of being familiar with the state of your garage door components. Take a look at this infographic for some common garage door spring problems and the average garage door spring repair cost, and continue reading to learn more about when to call a professional to have your springs repaired or replaced.

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What’s the Difference Between Extension Springs and Torsion Springs?

Springs are one of the first components you or a professional should check when your garage door is not functioning correctly, as springs tend to malfunction more commonly than other parts of the door. Springs raise and lower the door using one of two methods: torsion or extension. 

Extension springs, the more traditional (and less expensive) method, sit above the door’s horizontal track. Since these springs have more exposed parts, they are more likely to break than tension springs. That’s why they must have safety cables for support if they break.

Tension springs, on the other hand, work by twisting spring coils around the shaft while the door moves. These springs can handle more weight than extension springs and do not have as many exposed parts, resulting in a longer lifespan.

How Do I Know If There’s Something Wrong With My Garage Door Springs?

The most obvious sign that there may be something wrong with your springs is if your garage door won’t open. You can also look for signs of wear or damage by standing inside your garage (with the door closed) and inspecting your components. While springs may be in good shape, other worn-out components can put stress on your springs, increasing the likelihood of eventual damage. As for the springs themselves, check if there’s a separation in the spring or a loss of tension. 

The bottom line is, repairing and replacing garage door springs is a dangerous job that is always best left to the professionals—which is why we are here to help! We’re happy to inspect and service overhead garage doors throughout Salt Lake County, so contact Affordable Garage Door Repair today for a full quote on your garage door spring repair cost.