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Tips And Tricks To Effectively Heat A Garage In Winter

Winter can be hard on your home, but nowhere is the wrath of winter more evident than in the garage. Despite the cold temperatures outside, there are a few easy steps to ensure your winterized garage keeps all its contents warm and cozy. In this blog post, our team of experts will cover everything you need to know about how to heat a garage in winter— from choosing an appropriate heating solution to understanding how to keep a garage warm all winter.

What Are Your Heating Needs?

When it comes to learning how to keep a garage warm in winter, one of the most important things to first determine is how many watts are needed to adequately warm the space based on square footage. Though it may sound overwhelming, calculating your necessary wattage is as simple as measuring the width and length of your garage, multiplying the two numbers, and then multiplying that result by 10. If you’re having trouble finding a heater that meets your needs based on wattage alone, consider converting watts to BTUs—keeping in mind that one watt equals about 3 1/2 BTUs. Calculating your correct wattage is crucial to heating a garage in winter!

How To Keep A Garage Warm In Winter

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep a garage warm in winter, then a ductless heating system might be the best option for you! With a ductless system, you can keep your garage warm without relying on your home’s main heating/cooling unit. Whether it’s snowing, raining, or just plain cold, or even hot outside, a ductless heating system will ensure that the temperature in the garage is always comfortable. Just make sure to choose a system that is large enough for your garage space based on the BTU calculation tips mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Additionally, other heating options for garages include: installing heating flooring (a more expensive option, but one that is great for those who use their garage as shop space!), installing electric ceiling panels, or installing a small space heater.

Repair Garage Door Weather Stripping

If your garage isn’t staying warm regardless of your additional efforts to heat it, the solution could be simpler than you think: check your weather stripping! If gaps of light are visible along the seal of your garage door, it’s a clear sign that your weather stripping needs to be replaced. Broken weather stripping may seem like a minor issue, but it can actually have a big impact on the temperature of your garage. By allowing cold air to filter in, your garage could end up feeling much colder than it should. Want to tackle the project on your own? Use this tutorial from the team at Affordable Garage Door Fix to replace garage door weather stripping.

Contact Affordable Garage Door Fix For Garage Door Weather Stripping Repair

Alternatively, if you don’t want to handle the repair of garage door weather stripping on your own, you can contact our experts at Affordable Garage Door Fix. At Affordable Garage Door Fix, we have years of experience providing garage door repair across the Salt Lake Valley, and we strive to only provide you with top-notch service that puts your mind at ease. You can count on us to offer a wide selection of services to ensure your garage remains secure, warm, and free of damage all winter (and all year!) long. Contact us for a quote on garage door repair near you and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with Affordable Garage Door Repair.