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Most people assume that a garage can only be used for a few purposes, like storing cars, providing extra space for basement overflow, creating a man cave, or using it as a band stage for your children. However, as one of the leading overhead garage door repair services in Jordan, the Affordable Garage Door Repair team has seen creative ways of using the space that can be applied to anyone’s garage.

Here are some ideas for how to remodel a garage into a living space.

Use A Garage As A Living Space To Entertain Your Kids

While this covers the prospect of allowing your children to form a band, there are other ways your garage can be used to entertain your children.

For younger children, your garage offers a great place to allow them to use chalk to draw and play games. If your kids want to be artistic, they can even expand their creativity to include paints and graffiti your garage as a way of expressing the individuality of the home.

Alternatively, you can use it as a space where you can play games with your children without worrying about the impact on your house. Holding a haunted house around Halloween is a good option for this. It allows you to utilize the space fully, deck it out in spiders, cotton cobwebs, and use a fog machine without worrying about the clean up after.

Or Entertain Company

In addition to entertaining your kids, you can use the garage as a great space to entertain company. By installing a mini-split heating and cooling system, you can use the garage as a great place to host parties where your house might not have space. Plus, if you open up the garage door, you can transform an indoor party into an indoor-outdoor event.

Use A Garage As A Living Space To Work

With a little bit of insulation, soundproofing, and a mini-split system, it’s possible to create a garage remodel to a living space where you can work remotely or make strides toward the next Great American Novel. With more and more people working remotely – both pre-COVID and during the pandemic – it’s essential to have space where you can work on tasks where you won’t be interrupted by family members running around the house.

Having a garage can sometimes be a headache, but with a little effort, anyone can go for a garage remodel into a living space. For more ways to use your garage or hire an overhead garage door repair service in Salt Lake County, call Affordable Garage Door Repair today!