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If you’ve never had to consider replacing your garage door, it may feel overwhelming to plan a garage door replacement for your Salt Lake County residence. Like everything else that can go wrong with your house, it’s not one of the things that are covered in the homeowner’s manual, and you might be wondering, “where do I even start?”

The good news is there are many different resources you can consult to help plan the best way to replace your garage door. Before you even get to the point of picking a company to help you buy and install the door, you should think over a few critical aspects of your installation.

When Replacing A Garage Consider Curb Appeal

It’s probably not a surprise that a garage door will contribute to your home’s overall presentation. This effect on curb appeal means that you should give careful consideration to what kind of material and design you want for your door.

Each material comes with a tradeoff. For example, while wood may provide the best curb appeal, it needs the most maintenance to continue looking good, so it’s essential to think through what kinds of tradeoffs you’re willing to make.

Be sure to check out manufacturers’ websites, since they often provide tools to help visualize what a particular door will look like once it’s installed on your garage.

The Opener

If you’re already thinking about replacing your door, it may be worth thinking about replacing the garage door opener remote, as well.

While it may not be causing problems right now, it’s not unusual for both the opener and the door to be packaged together at the time of replacement. While there are undoubtedly monetary benefits to this, it’s worth thinking about from a convenience standpoint. After all, if your old opener is working on a new door, you may have to schedule another visit from your contractor to replace the garage door opener remote somewhere down the line.

And Insulation

If you’re looking to heat your garage, or if it’s attached to your house, it might be worth investing in an upgrade to the insulation on the door when replacing your garage door. Some doors are designed with insulation to help make your space more efficient and less of a drain on your utilities.

If you’re looking for a garage door replacement company serving the Layton area and are wondering what other things you should consider, give the Affordable Garage Door Repair team a call today!