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Your garage door is essential — it adds to your home’s curb appeal and gives your family an extra level of safety and convenience. Since homeowners use their garage doors multiple times a day, it puts more stress on the door than they may realize. We often only understand how vital our garage doors are when they stop functioning correctly.

Garage doors, while achieving a simple objective, are complex mechanisms. As a first-rate provider of garage door installation services near Holladay, Affordable Garage Door Repair understands that when any part of the device fails, even if it’s a small component, it can affect the entire door’s performance. A “ghost” opening garage door is a problem that may indicate a problem with your mechanism. Below are a few reasons why your garage door opens on its own, as well as some troubleshooting suggestions.

Radio Interference

Whether you’re using the passcode entry, buttons inside the garage, or your remote, the openers and garage door itself must be on the same frequency. Plenty of devices use similar or identical frequencies, such as CB radios and police radios.

Since two different garage doors can accidentally be programmed to the same channel, your neighbors may be the unknowing culprits when it comes to why your garage door opens on its own. When your neighbor goes to use their remote to open or close their garage door, it may cause yours to open, too!

 If this is the case, then you’re fortunate — you have an easy fix on your hands! All you have to do is reprogram your door’s openers, and it should return to working order.


Electric garage doors undoubtedly make our everyday lives more comfortable. From protecting us from getting wet in the rain to letting us house our vehicles so we don’t have to clean them of snow and ice in the winter — they sure do a lot! Garage doors have lots of moving parts that all work together, including safety features.

Garage doors like these have sensors near the ground to ensure nothing (whether that be objects, people, or pets) get stuck underneath the door when it closes. If the door goes up, seemingly by itself, after you close it, check for any debris the sensor may be picking up.

Faulty Remote Opener

Your garage door remote’s batteries may be breaking down or not positioned correctly, so it’s crucial to double-check their position or swap them out to see if it fixes your garage door from opening by what seems to be its own volition.

Contact the Garage Door Professionals

If your door keeps opening up on its own and you can’t find the root cause, you know it’s time to call in the premier garage door installation company near Midvale — Affordable Garage Door Repair! For information about how our technicians can make sure your garage door is in excellent condition, contact us today.