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Garage Door Opener Not Working? Here’s Why.

Wondering why your garage door opener is not working? Did you get stuck trying to go in or out? This can be frustrating because garage doors can be heavy and hard to open. That is why you invested in a garage door opener in the first place. Upon visual inspection, your opener looks fine, but not all problems are noticeable at first glance. Here are some reasons why your opener is not functioning properly:

  • Track is not aligned: The tracks keep your door aligned while your opener opens and closes the door. Over time, the track can become bent or misaligned if you are not gentle with the door, the door is hit with heavy objects, and normal usage.
  • Remote is dead or disconnected: The first thing you should do is replace the batteries in your remote. If that does not work, inspect your garage door and opener for damage. If you do not see any damage, then your remote may have become disconnected.
  • Photo-eye is out of alignment: This is the safety feature of your garage door opener. Its job is to detect people and objects under the door and prevent the door from closing on someone. To fix this, try cleaning the photo-eye, remove objects near the door,  and check the LED light on each side of the sensor. If both lights are on and you did the other two things, your issue may be something else.
  • Broken Tension Springs: This is one of the most common reasons for garage doors not opening. Rust, wear and tear, and improper maintenance can lead to weakened or broken tension springs. Signs that your springs are the issue are the motor runs but the door doesn’t open, the door feels heavy as you open it, and the door makes a loud noise as it is being lifted.

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