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Fall is a busy time of year for homeowners. Not only is it a time to finish up projects that you started over the summer, but it’s also the time to prepare your home for a cold winter. ‘Tis the season to clean up leaves outside, get your HVAC system serviced, and make sure your fireplace is in good condition. While the list of things to get done is long, the team at Affordable Garage Door Repair encourages you to focus on winterizing your garage door. After all, it is the prime entryway in your home! As a leading garage door replacement company near Layton, we know garage door problems can stop your holiday season right in its tracks — literally! Keep reading to learn how to winterize your garage door.

Why Should I Winterize My Garage Door?

It’s likely you and your family use the garage door multiple times a day but haven’t considered the effect that has on the inside of your home. Without taking the proper precautions, frigid winter air can seep through your garage and into the house, even when the door is closed. If the unwanted cold temperature isn’t enough, ice, snow, and freezing rain can make their way into your garage. An unprotected garage door is an open invitation for bugs and insects to get out of the cold and into your home.

While your family’s comfort during the cold season is a top priority, the mechanical elements that make your garage door function correctly are at high risk if they’re not appropriately treated for icy-cold conditions. Low temperatures can cause the metal parts of your garage door track to shrink, especially springs and screws. This issue affects the door’s ability to open and close and impacts its overall durability and longevity. When exposed to the cold, tracks are likely to warp, and springs are more likely to break. If suddenly coming home to a malfunctioning garage door doesn’t sound inconvenient enough, these problems would likely need to be fixed by a garage door professional.

How to Winterize Your Garage Door

That’s all some pretty chilling news, but fret not! See the infographic below for a few winterizing your garage door tips and continue reading to find out how Affordable Garage Door Repair can help you fix garage door winter problems!

Properly winterizing your garage door will keep it in good condition all year. These tips from Affordable Garage Door Fix are essential. Contact us for more repair services.

Common Garage Door Problems in Winter

One of the most common problems is a garage door sticking in winter. This is usually caused by a lack of proper lubrication and can cause a major headache for many homeowners. Luckily, there is a pretty easy solution. Follow this tutorial to learn how to lubricate your garage door from our experts at Affordable Garage Door Fix in Salt Lake City.

Another common problem is how to keep your garage floor dry in winter. Fortunately, there is an affordable solution, winter snow mats, that are great at preventing damage caused by the elements. Typically made from rubber or vinyl, these mats have the ability to trap the water that can easily accumulate from melted snow, ice, and road salt. With a snow mat in place, you’ll be able to eliminate the hassle of constantly mopping up your garage floor and ensure its longevity.

Choose Affordable Garage Door Repair

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**This blog post was originally published in October 2022, but has been updated for the coming season in November 2023.