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One of the most frustrating problems to deal with for many homeowners is a misaligned or uneven or garage door. However, after years of going up and down thousands of times, it’s understandable how the mechanics and rolling system could start to wear down and become unbalanced. Not only is an uneven door unsightly, but it could also cause a safety issue. In this blog post, our garage door experts will walk homeowners though some of the most common causes of an uneven garage door. With our help, your garage door will be re-aligned in no time! 

Common Causes of an Uneven Gap at Bottom of Garage Door

  • Misaligned hinges/tracks: The bolts securing the tracks and hinges can work themselves loose over time. Inspect the hinges, brackets, and tracks for signs of loose hardware. If the bolts aren’t loose, the misalignment could be due to damage, and it’s best to hire a professional to replace the hardware in the areas affected. 
  • Uneven garage door floor or seal: Sometimes garage door floors can become uneven due to shifting concrete or poor installation. Typically, you’ll be able to diagnose this problem by eye or with a level after examining the flooring and the garage door seal. 
  • Uneven or worn out torsion springs: If your garage door comes down uneven, it might be a result of an uneven or broken torsion spring caused by damage or general wear and tear. Common symptoms include visible damage such as rust, grinding or squeaking when in motion, as well as uneven gaps, and problems with the door coming down on its own. 

Can I Fix an Uneven Garage Door Myself?

Whether or not you can fix an uneven garage door by yourself is often determined by which kind of problem is causing the unevenness. If the problem is the result of loose, misaligned hinges, this is relatively easy to fix with the help of a screwdriver—simply re-align and re-tigthen the affected areas. If the problem is due to an actual misalignment of the garage flooring itself, you can fix this with a garage door bottom seal made for uneven flooring or by releveling the floor with new concrete. Use this guide from our team to complete the installation of a new garage door seal seamlessly. 

While issues like the ones listed above are easy to fix on your own, issues with misaligned hinges due to damage, and uneven/broken torsion springs should always be dealt with by a professional due to the dangerous nature of the repair.

Contact Affordable Garage Door Fix for Help With Uneven Garage Doors

If you suspect your uneven garage door is the result of a broken torsion spring or broken brackets/hinges, call our experts at Affordable Garage Door Fix. We have years of experience installing new garage door springs across the Wasatch Front in a safe, effective, reliable manner. We understand the importance of properly functioning garage doors for both convenience and security, and we are committed to providing top-quality service for all our customers. Don’t wait until it’s too late—contact Affordable Garage Door Fix for a quote on how to fix an uneven garage door.